Etruscan Studies

  • Publishing Data Online with Datasette – ETP

    In my previous post, I mentioned a tool called Datasette, a neat open-source tool for exploring and publishing data. I explained how I scraped an archived copy of the Etruscan Texts Project (ETP) and ultimately populated it into a SQLite DB using a Python script I wrote. Following up on that, I wanted to explore […]

  • Opportunities for Digitization in the Humanities – The Etruscan Texts Project

    In my recent foray into researching the Etruscan language, I came across the the Etruscan Texts Project (ETP), which served as a searchable online repository of Etruscan inscriptions. I found references and links to the website on active UMass Amherst webpages and elsewhere, but the links themselves were dead. With a bit of sleuthing on […]